Jaab Cards is a design-led project based in Bangkok, Thailand, that makes exquisite handmade greeting cards.

We are a grassroots community project founded by Judith Ong in 2004.

The story of Jaab Cards is a deeply personal one, a thriving tribute to a devoted and inspirational mother who was lost to breast cancer when Judith and her siblings were still in high school.

The Jaab team has a customer-orientated mindset and offers a high level of service and quality. Do contact us if you would like to stock Jaab Cards in your store, or indeed represent Jaab Cards in your country.   

Judith says…  

"My work is my therapy and my joy. We have a fabulous team and even better customers who span the globe. Because of Jaab, I am able to contribute to a very worthy Breast Cancer Outreach Project that helps educate, screen and treat underprivileged women. It's rewarding that I can use my creativity to honour the memory of my mother, who was taken from us when she was only 42 years old.
Jaab Cards are made by artisans the good old-fashioned way. Our staff come to Bangkok from a rather harsh village existence looking for opportunities to improve their lives. We offer them training and full-time employment with fair trade terms, social security benefits and more. We provide a safe and nuturing family environment filled with laughter and non-stop chatter. People say our cards are magical. I can't help but agree and firmly believe that it is the women of Jaab who put the magic in our cards!
Time and time again Jaab Cards become a firm favourite with our customers and retailers. In fact, I often hear that the cards are too beautiful to give away!"