A massive thank you to all who have written to us. We love to hear from you. 


Cards for All Occasions

You never fail to amaze with your designs, care and just beautiful cards for all occasions.... as always congratulations! Sue, Singapore, 12th September 2015 

A Trade Reference

We  started selling Jaab Cards in Switzerland in 2013 and the cards became our best selling product within 3 months only. Our customers love the designs, the colours, the paper and also the social and environment friendly background. 

The product has helped us to acquire many new customers and has had a positive financial impact on our company. Moreover the Jaab team has a customer-oriented mindset and a very high level of service quality. 

It is just a big pleasure to work with Judith and her team from The Jaab Design Project.

Stefan Schüpbach, CEO Hervorragend AG, Switzerland, 17th April 2015

Thank you!

That is beautiful news! I have been using your bookmarks for years and love them, want to give a few as gifts and cannot find them anywhere. Will send you my order with address details from my regular email address. Warm Regards, Tazeen, KL, 22nd April 2015

Wonderful Gift

Thank you and Happy New Year! I love your cards and your organization. Wonderful gift! Beverly, California, USA, 12th April 2015

Lovely as ever!

The cards arrived today. Thank you. Jackie, Liverpool, UK, 11th April 2015

Thank You

How interesting! I wrote you this morning asking when I should expect my order. And this afternoon the complete order of beautiful cards arrived in the mail! Thank you for handling my order quickly and accurately. Best wishes, Daniel, California, USA, 13th March 2015

Many Thanks

Isn’t it funny, that you had visited Wiesbaden? The world is a small one. I fell in love with your adorable JAAB cards, when I visited Bangkok in 2007. I had stayed at the Oriental and in their gift shop, I came across your cards. I had bought a huge stock of which I am just about to run out of. So, I am very delighted that I can order online, not knowing, when I will have a chance to visit Thailand again.
Take good care. Sunny greetings from Wiesbaden, Ilka, Germany, 4th March 2015

Well Done

Your cards are unique and priceless and as I previously told you they remain the only ones I will buy. I suppose so many people tell you, but everyone who I send one to tells me of the enormous pleasure in receiving a beautiful card. I am still of the old school of sending cards and writing letters and refuse to send email cards!! I always make sure that any recipient knows the wonderful cause you support... don't worry, the price increase will not put me off... the hardest for me is deciding which gorgeous cards to send as I want to keep them all! Well done team Judith! Kindest regards, Sue, Malaysia, 2nd February 2015


Luckily I found your soooo pretty postcards. Because they're so beautiful I would like to sell them in my little paper shop in Germany. Could you be so kind to send me the conditions as well as a price list, please? I'm looking forward to hear from you soon. Best regards, Katja from Munich, 9th Jan 2015


I love your Cards and I want to buy them - where can I get them in Munich/Germany???? Thanks and best regards, Babett, 9th December 2014

Absolutely Gorgeous

Many thanks for the lovely note Judith and team. The cards arrived safely and they are absolutely gorgeous… Warm regards, Anne, 29th November 2014


I met you in Singapore at the Tradewinds event several years ago, and was just in Bangkok and saw your beautiful cards in the airport. I was wondering if we could obtain wholesale pricing from you and how quickly we could place an order? Thank you! Patty, 19th November 2014

Cool Colours

Glad to hear you are busy and well. Tell your team that throughout the year, I share your cards and they have meant so much. Everyone is touched by the bright colors and happy, clever designs and of course that you donate for Breast Cancer and are Fair Trade! During the holidays, people start to tell me they look forward to my "elephant" cards and the cool colors. I wish you all continued success, great health and happiness! Lavita, 11th November 2014


Not an enquiry but a congratulations to Judith and the team. I will never have to buy cards from any other source as your cards are all beyond beautiful and fit with every occasion. Congratulations from a new and devoted customer! Sue, 31st October 2014

Dear Jaab Design Team

I just bought one of your beautiful cards, I love it really very much. Catherine, Switzerland, 14th October 2014

Gorgeous Cards

I put in another order for some of your gorgeous cards. Sadly I have not been back to Thailand since my honeymoon in 2008. And with 2 children and job and house moves, it has been a bit hectic! Anyway I just wanted to say hello again and how much I am looking forward to the cards arriving! I hope you are well and business is good. Best wishes from the UK, Jane, 5th October 2014

Christmas Card

I got one of your Christmas cards from a friend. I liked it very much and would like to help you to continue your fine work. A lot of greetings to all your working artists, Monika, Switzerland, 9th Jan 2011. (Monika’s Christmas 2011 order was dispatched 11th Jan 2011, our earliest order to-date!)

Most Beautiful Handmade Cards

I do not have an enquiry, but I just wanted to say I brought some of your cards at the airport in Bangkok, and I think they are the most beautiful handmade cards I have ever seen. Please pass the message onto those who make them. Best wishes, Alix, UK, 4th Jan 2011

Thank You

Thank you for all your efforts the cards have all arrived and I am thrilled with them. At some point in the future it would be lovely to have another picture or 2 from you. Are there going to be any other designs or would it be possible to request the design of a card but have it made into a picture. They would make such great presents. Happy Christmas. Kind regards, Jane, UK, 23rd Dec 2010 

I Love Your Cards

Can I purchase them from a shop in Singapore? Denise, Singapore, 14th Dec 2010

Quick Service

Thank you very much for the quick service, I am really pleased with the cards I purchased at Bangkok, they are absolutely charming, I was pleased to see that you are now doing pictures I shall look at the website with interest for present ideas. Valerie, UK, 12th Dec 2010

Beautiful Cards

I visited a Christmas Fair in Geneva, Switzerland 2 years ago and bought some of your beautiful cards. Krysia, Switzerland, 12th Nov 2010

Good Cause

We used to live in Bangkok and always used to buy the cards.... finally ran out of the large number we purchased when we left. If anyone is going through Bangkok airport we try to get some more then, but was delighted to see that you had a website. Beautiful cards, in a good cause mother died of breast cancer. As you can see, we finally got the paypal to work! Very best wishes, Sue, Netherlands, 8th Nov 2010

Beautiful Cards

Was just this minute wondering about my order when there was a knock at the door and here they are!! Thanks once again for the opportunity to purchase these beautiful cards. Leone, Singapore, 8thNov 2010 

Thank You So Much

I finally figured out the Paypal thing so there should be no trouble with future orders. Have paid and thank you for everything, your patience and your lovely kind gift too. Looking forward to more of those beautiful cards. Warm regards, Penny, UK, 26th Oct 2010

Big Thank You 

I received all the cards today safely and they are beautifully made. Just wanted to say a very BIG THANK YOU. Best Regards from the UK, Vina, 23rd Oct 2010 

Really Great

I received today the cards I ordered, they are really great! I bought one in Bangkok Airport, but now with these others I'll let them know to all my friends! Thank you. Warm wishes from Rome, Cristina, Italy, 28th August 2010

Absolutely Adore Your Cards

I absolutely adore your cards and products and am considering importing them to Israel. What do you think? How would that work? Would it be possible? Thank you in advance, Dena, Israel, 6th August 2010 

Just Love Them

I purchased your cards several years ago in Bangkok and just love them. I am opening a retail store here in the US and would love to feature these cards. Do you sell wholesale? Thank you, Donna, USA, 26th July 2010

Thank You

I have been meaning to write you this Thank You email for a really long time now... I received the Jaab cards in the mail a few months ago, and they were so very beautiful. I had a difficult time giving them away, to be honest.  Now I'm only left with a few, my very favorites that I kept for myself. Anyway, I really look forward to the time when I can purchase more of Jaab Cards. I wish you and the Jaab team the best. Until next, Erica, USA, 22nd April 2010

So Beautiful 

I cannot wait for the cards, they are so beautiful. The colour assortment suits us perfectly. These are going to be thank you cards for the guests from our wedding in Koh Samui and they really match the whole Thai spirit and will remind our guests of the wedding, so I am very excited. Thank you, Oxana, Hong Kong, 9th April 2010 


I received one of your cards from my daughter on my birthday today and was delighted with it. She visits Thailand often as she lives in Singapore. Now I am pleased I can purchase these cards as I found your web address on the back, and am pleased to support such a good cause. Well done. Best Wishes, Sandra, UK, 9th Feb 2010

Beautiful Ideas and Colours

It is good to know my order is the first one from the Czech Republic and I will do my best to promote your goods which I find extremely beautiful in terms of ideas and colours etc. I got familiar with your products this September in Bangkok and I brought some of them to Prague as gifts and all my friends like it very much so it makes me believe that my order won't be the only one for a long time. Best regards from Prague, Michal, Czech Republic, 2nd Dec 2009

Christmas Cards!

I'm really pleased to be supporting your cards. I appreciate the employment opportunities you provide and the support you offer the breast cancer centre. Now all I have to do is write 120 Christmas cards!!! All the best, Louise, Thailand, 22nd Nov 2009 

They are Beautiful

I wanted to tell you that I received my cards today and they are beautiful. Thank you so much. Warmest Regards, Mary Lou, USA, 18th Nov 2009 

Love Your Cards

Thank you! Love your cards! Doreen, USA, 28th October 2009 

Keep Up the Good Work

I have told lots of people about Jaab and I hope they are buying! Keep up the good work. The first Jaab card I received in 2007 ago is still by my computer and several friends say they keep theirs on their desks too! Best wishes, Sue, UK, 28th October 2009

Your cards are beautiful as always!

Thank you! Lavita, USA, 28th October 2009 

Thank You!

Your cards are so beautiful and you provide a great service. Joanna, UK, 10th October 2009 

Love the New Range

Thank you very much, I love the new range of cards, and they really go down well with the lucky recipients!  Keep up the good work. Best wishes. Rachel, UK, 6th October 2009

They are so beautiful!

How are you? I hope you are keeping well. I went to your website, and I am really crazy about the cards! They are so beautiful! Nancy, Singapore, 6th October 2009 

Timely Deliveries

Thank you for the update. I ordered cards for my daughter in Singapore earlier this year, so I know your deliveries are timely. I was in Bangkok in February and did not realize there were so many places to buy Jaab Cards. I was running late at the airport, so did not have time to shop there. Looking forward to the cards and handing out a number of them as gifts this holiday season. Sandy, USA,1st October 2009 

Wedding Invitations

I have had many compliments on the wedding invitations. Thanks for doing a great job! The excitement begins! Love, light, SeeFoon, Malaysia, 29th September 2009

Fan of Jaab Cards

Wally and I ordered the beautiful cards. It was easy once I realized where to click. My daughter-in-law gave me packets of your cards, which I use with pride. She recently worked in Bangkok, commuting from her home in Singapore where she lives. Sue is a fan of Jaab Cards. I am, too. Thanks, Jane, USA, 10th September 2009

Many thanks for your quick support

I just paid the invoice via PayPal, so you should receive the payment confirmation shortly. Best regards to Thailand. We are just a few weeks back from vacation on Koh Samui, were we found your cards on our way back home at Bangkok airport. Frank, Germany, 3rd August 2009

You Create Beauty

Thank you for all that you and they do!  You create beauty. I love your cards. Thank you again! Patty, USA, 1st June 2009

Beautiful Cards

Thank you, I’ve told my friends and family about your beautiful cards. Everyone I give them to comments on their beauty and keeps them. Warm regards, Penny, UK, 28th May 2009 

Wow...this is great service

I live in the US and am trying to purchase some of your products to send to my daughter in Singapore. I love your cards! Sandy, USA, 21st March 2009 

Wonderful Cards

Thank you for the wonderful cards, which I ordered last week and which arrived very quickly this week in Germany! Thank you! Best regards from Germany, Regine, Germany, 6th March 2009 

I love your cards…

Bought lots of them when I visited Thailand, but am unable to purchase them in the United States. Do you have a contact person. I live in Boston, Massachusetts, Karin, USA, 17th February 2009 

The Cards are Beautiful

I retrieved the package from the post office. The cards are beautiful!! I remember why I fell in love with them in Thailand!! Thank you and keep up the good work. My best to your team! Lacey, USA, 1st February 2009 

Fell In Love

I made my first visit to Thailand this fall (September) and I found your cards and fell in love with them. I purchased some and have enjoyed them very much. Thank you very much and, again, I love your product. Bobby, Texas, USA, 25th January 2009 

I truly love your cards

Thank you, Jill, USA, 13th January 2009 

Absolutely Love Them

I bought some of your cards while working in Bangkok and absolutely love them! Best regards, Philippa, 5th January 2009 

Fallen In Love

I have fallen in love with your cards is it possible to tell me the trade prices of your products. Kind regards and Happy New Year! Stuart, UK, 31st December 2008 

Hello Bangkok!

Thank you so much for I received my order today, in France. I love the cards, the drawings are so delicate and precise, I appreciate the texture of your paper and the colors are so bright and beautiful!! In fact, it is a friend of mine who first brought me back from Bangkok a pack of cards 2 or 3 years ago. At this time, your web site was not done yet. Since then, I have been waiting to see your work on the web! At that time, I had framed one of the cards. I shall do it again today with my gecko's order! These cards are worth being seen. I'll try to make you known around me. Well, I just wanted to felicitate you!!! I'll keep on checking your work. Best regards, Delphine, France, 24th November 2008 

Cards Look Fantastic

Your delivery arrived yesterday and the cards look fantastic. Thanks very much. Best wishes, Tracy, UK, 4th November 2008 

Perfect Thank You!

(Regarding custom Christmas cards) Perfect, thank you! Best regards, Anita, Thailand, 3rd November 2008

I Love the Cards

I love the cards, which I first found in Bangkok airport last December when we were visiting our son who lives in Bangkok and was thrilled to access the website so that I can buy more for gifts. Thank you once again. Linda, UK, 29th October 2008 

Beautiful Thank You

Order received today 29th October. The cards are beautiful thank you, and thank you for the very good service. Kind regards, Sheena, USA, 29th October 2008 

Beautiful and Unique

The cards arrived! They are beautiful, unique and I am SO excited to send them out for the holidays this year. Thank you again for being so wonderful, responsive, supportive and creative to work with. It is such a pleasure. My very best to you, Trish, 14th November 2008 

Pleased and Happy

So pleased and happy to get my cards from you, I never intend to buy them anywhere else! Have a great Christmas, I hope you and the girls have been kept very busy. Fleur, Singapore, 3rd November 2008

Good Service

Order received today 27th October. The cards are beautiful thank you, and thank you for the very good service. Kind regards, Sheena, USA, 27th October 2008 

Speedy Delivery

I received my first batch of your cards a couple of weeks ago and I love them! Thank you so much for the speedy delivery, Triona, Abu Dhabi, 23rdSeptember 2008 

Exquisite Cards

I have recently retired to Koh Samui but I have been buying your exquisite cards for many years from Tango Mango in Singapore. I am very happy to be able to buy from you on line. Thank you for all the pleasure your cards have given me and my friends who have received them over the years. Best regards, Dorothy, Thailand, 20th September 2008

A Unique Part of Our Wedding

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the cards which were wonderful and a truly unique part of our wedding. They were widely commented on by my guests. I was happy to see so many of your cards when I was in Bangkok last week and look forward to purchasing my next installment, when I have finished with the ones recently sent! Thank you again. Jane, UK, 16th September 2008


I'm so excited to see them. Thank you for keeping me updated. Kara, USA, 16thSeptember 2008  

I Love Them

Thank you so much for your help. I just picked up my cards at the post office and I love them! All the best, Lauren, USA, 12th September 2008  

Greatly Admired

I’ll be ordering some soon. I bought some at New Year in the Dusit Thani Hotel in Hua Hin and they’ve been greatly admired. Best wishes, Tracy, UK, 23rd July 2008 

Thank You

Some of the boxes I am buying as gifts, the rest are for me. I've bought your cards before when in Bangkok and was so thrilled to see I could get them online. Thank you so much for your understanding and helpfulness. Best, Jean, USA, 23rd July 2008 

Special Order Wedding Invitations

Received the invites, they are absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much. I love them. Thanks also for the bookmarks and magnet - which will be cherished and as reading is one of my favourite past times, well used!! Jane, UK, 19th June 2008

Absolutely Love Them

Thanks so much for answering my questions. I fell in love with your cards when I was in Thailand and everyone I give them to absolutely love them! The website is excellent and the photos and colors are all so brilliant. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Take care, Lisa, USA, 11th June 2008 

Bring Joy

I was just in Bangkok and purchased your cards at both the airport and at the Peninsula Hotel. They are gorgeous and I loved that they are for such a good cause and by local talented people. I look forward to being an ongoing customer for personal use and to give out as gifts. These beautiful cards will bring joy to any person’s life! Thanks again, Amy Jo, USA, 28th March 2008 


I have just returned from Thailand visiting friends and bought some of your cards at Bangkok airport on our journey home to England. I used to design cards for a major retail outlet and was so inspired when I saw your range. The colours and finishes are just beautiful. I was keen to get home and look at your website and learn more about your company. I lost my dad to cancer a few years ago and always feel so touched when I see anything in aid of research and support to this very sad illness. Your designs are a joy to look at and I will certainly purchase more on line in the future. Kindest regards, Jennie, UK, 10th Feb 2008    

Thank you so much…

I just left Bangkok and arrived home yesterday. It was at the airport that I saw your cards, and wished that I had purchased more of them. So, I was excited to see that you had a website from which to order. We were serving with a group that is dedicated to freeing women from prostitution. I fell in love with Bangkok and Thailand, and pray that I will be able to return soon. Jennie, USA, 29th Jan 2008


Nous en avions acheté cet été à Bankgok elles sont très jolies! France, 29th Jan 2008

Thank you for your quick reply…

I am looking forward to receiving my cards. They are so beautiful. Thanks again, Elvira,  USA, 24th Jan 2008

Just wanted to say how lovely your cards are…

I bought some last year when I stayed at The Peninsula, Bangkok. We went again at Christmas and I bought loads of cards to take home to England. I live in Manchester. I wish they were sold in outlets in England. I think your cards are superb. Yours sincerely. Helen, UK, 20th Jan 2008


I purchased a set of large cards in South Beach, Florida, USA with 2 flowers, one above the other. I do not see them on your website. Can I find them somewhere else? Pat, USA, 20th Jan 2008 

Absolutely Wonderful

We just received the cards we originally ordered. They are absolutely wonderful! We LOVE them!!! Best wishes, Jim & Lauren, USA, 20th Jan 2008  

Lovely Cards

I ordered cards from you for Christmas and they were greatly admired by my friends so I hope some of them become your customers. Thanks again for your lovely cards and the bookmark, which I am using in a book on Thai language! Best Regards, Chrissy, UK , 7th Jan 2008  


Thank you for taking the time to reply - most unexpected! Your products tick so many 'feel-good' boxes, ethical, helping others, made from sustainable resources, Fair Trade, useful, light to post and carry, and something that people run out of! I shall send your web address to as many people as I can. Best wishes, Sue, UK, 6th Jan 2008


I received one of your cards this Christmas and I thought it was stunning. I sent your web details to some friends and they agreed - they are beautiful. I know a couple of them have already placed an order. I have one small suggestion. Have you thought of offering a pack of six mixed cards? I look forward to receiving my order - it is a shame I have to give them away! You are doing a fabulous job, well done. The website is good, too. Best wishes, Sue, UK, 3rd January 2008   

Deeply Impressed

I have been so deeply impressed and moved by your responsiveness.  Please share my gratitude with your employees. Blessings to you for the New Year!


I want you to know how many compliments I received on your cards.  Really enjoyed sending these holiday cards out this year. Thank you! Trish, Illinois, USA, 27th Dec 2007 

Fantastic Job

I bought one box of your cards last year while visiting Thailand. I just used the last cards from that box and love them so much that I finally went to your site to order 5 more boxes! It was so easy and quick to order on the site and your card designs are displayed beautifully as well. I will use some of the boxes to give as gifts and save the others to send out to people for special occasions. You are doing a fantastic job...keep it up ladies! Thanks, Melissa, California, USA, 19th Dec 2007

Thank You

Thank you so much for my lovely cards they have arrived safe and sound. Regards, Marion, Sydney, Australia, 16th Dec 2007

Great Work

My order arrived today less than 2 weeks after I ordered them from Australia and I am thrilled. Not only do you produce exquisite cards which I am proud to send to my family & friends but I am also impressed by the email contact from you on the progress of my order. Most importantly, the wonderful opportunities you are providing to underprivileged Thai women must be applauded. Keep up the great work and I look forward to placing more orders with you in the future, that's if I run out of cards, it's hard to part with them, they are so beautiful! Best wishes to you and all at Jaab Cards, Julie, Australia, 13th Dec 2007  

Absolutely Beautiful

I just wanted to let you know that I received my cards today. They are absolutely beautiful. I also ordered some as gifts, they will love them! Thank you for all of your help, Ashley, USA, 8th Dec 2007  

Loath to Use Them

Thank you for your email regarding my card order. I bought two packets of cards last year while waiting in Bangkok airport and I have been very loath to use them as I love them so much I did not want to part with them. Now that I know I can obtain more when necessary I will use them with great enjoyment. My very best wishes to you all up in Bangkok, Marion, Sydney, Australia, 7th Dec 2007 

They are Beautiful

No sooner did I send the earlier email inquiring when our cards might be delivered, when they appeared. They are beautiful!  We could not be more pleased with them. Thanks very much, Elise, Massachusetts, USA. 4th Dec 2007 

Tell everyone that we love your cards…

Thanks again for your efficient service. We will think about you when writing our cards! Kind regards from Paris, Beatrice, France, 3rd Dec 2007 

Thank You

The cards arrived safe and sound and I am thrilled with them! Thank you. You were also so thoughtful to send along the lovely additional notecards. I look forward to ordering more cards from you in the future. My best, Trish T, Illinois, USA, 21st Nov 2007  

Quick Replies

Thanks very much for your quick replies. You are right, the colors are lovely! The image and scale are fine. Thanks again, Tannaz, Singapore, 19th Nov 2007 

Your cards are just too beautiful!!

Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you. Blessings, Cari, Chicago, USA, 19th Nov 2007 

Beautiful Cards and Superb Service

Just a note to thank you so much for the beautiful cards and the superb service you give. They actually arrived very quickly and really are a delight. Good luck with all of your good work. Best regards, Annie, Shropshire, UK, 19th Nov 2007 

They are so Perfect

Just to say 'thank you' so much for the beautiful cards that arrived yesterday, they are so perfect. Can I make a donation to breast cancer in Thailand online? Best wishes, Jane  

Absolutely Gorgeous

Dear Judith, when I was in Bangkok last year I bought several packets of your beautiful cards. I was delighted to see that you have a website where the cards can be ordered. Keep up the good work. They are absolutely gorgeous. Kind Regards, Anna H, Australia 

Birth Announcements

I am a big fan of your cards. I am about to have a baby and would like to use your cards for the birth announcement. Do you offer imprinting services? I am interesting in having about 75 to 100 cards printed up with birth announcement text. Thanks, Carmen, Bangkok, Thailand 

Your cards are beautiful!

I bought four boxes while I was in Bangkok but then when I got home everyone wanted some so I had to order a lot more! I am glad that I am able to order from you and have it shipped because when I run out of cards, I will have to order more! Thanks for your email, Laura 

Treasured the most…

We had the pleasure and privilege of traveling in Thailand last spring. One of the items that we purchased that we treasured the most was the Jaab Cards. We would very much like to purchase 150 cards to send out to for the holidays this year.  I noted on your website some options and am wondering if we have any flexibility with color or designs or whether the design and color choices are limited to the options outlined in your website. Thank you. Trish  

Absolutely Beautiful

We're waiting at Bahrain airport in transit on our return from our wonderful honeymoon in Thailand. I picked up two packets of the 'Thank you' elephant cards at the airport as we left and thought I had to email because they are absolutely beautiful. Many thanks, Jane and Ben

Wonderful Cards and Socially Conscious Business

I purchased a few boxes of your Thank You cards at the Bangkok Airport in March as I absolutely fell in love with them upon sight. They are beautiful and I also really like that a portion of the proceeds benefit breast cancer outreach and that the business provides jobs to Thai women. I have since sent a few of them to my friends and they too love them. Thank you again for producing such wonderful cards and running a socially conscious business. Regards, Chunnie, USA 

Ordering More

I am trying to order some of your cards on line but I cannot get your website to accept my password, or tel. number. What am I doing wrong?? I purchased some of your cards at BKK Airport a couple of years ago and would now like to order some more. Please advise. Thank you, Janet 


They are perfect. Lynn 

How Can I Get More?

I recently bought some cards, Elephant with Flower at the Bangkok airport. I have used these cards and I just love them. How can I get some more? Associate Professor Pauline

Keep Up the Good Work

I am taking one of your cards to Seoul, Korea, with me on Monday to give to a dear now you know your cards will reach Korea as well!!! Another is being posted locally to a friend of mine here in Hong Kong who is turning 50 next week.....I thought such a special birthday deserved a special card. Keep up the good work. Regards, Amanda 

I think your cards are wonderful…

Someone brought me a box from Thailand recently. Are there any retail outlets in the USA for the cards? Thank you. Evelyn, New Haven, CT, USA 

I would Like to Get More

Picked up some of your cards in Bangkok, Thailand, Shangri La, and would like to get more. I live near New York City and would be interested if you have outlets there? Thanks, Virginia L 

All my friends have raved about them…

I have four questions for you about your beautiful cards: 1. I have just noticed your amazing Camel - Abu Dhabi - cards on your website, they are so gorgeous......Can I buy them??? Gosh I'd love to hang one on my wall. 2. Where else can I buy your cards in Asia? I live in Hong Kong. Can I buy them in Hong Kong? 3. I am also traveling to Singapore, Sydney and Koh Samui soon. Can I find them there? 4. Will you be adding to your collection online, other designs apart from your Thai styles? Eg, like the camels and the dragons? I'd love to see more of your ideas and inspirations from around the world available online. Like more Moroccan/desert/lanterns or more Chinese designs. Also, just so you know..... I had three boxes of cards that I have already used up. I bought them from The Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok. I chose the Wisdom Wheel, Heart and Beaded Lotus and all of my friends have raved about them. I have even kept a few to frame and hang on my walls. They truly are the best cards I have seen in a long time and I am so fussy with cards. I never buy a cheap quality card. Anyway, please advise me ASAP as I travel to Singapore this Friday and if I can buy them there, I will be sure to do so. Kind regards, Amanda D

Beautiful Cards in London? 

I live in London and wanted to know if you had shops here which sold your beautiful cards. Many thanks, Rina P 

Do you have a supplier of your cards in the UK or Australia? 

Every time I come to Thailand I purchase your beautiful products and I would be delighted to help you sell these in the UK and Australia where I live. Best Regards, Sarah

I received one of your wonderful Jaab Cards

Where can I buy them in Bangkok? Thank you in advance for your kind reply. Best regards, Anita Z 

I am in urgent need of your Beaded Lotus cards L381

We purchased these in Thailand for our wedding invitations but need more immediately. Can you please tell me how I can purchase these? Thank you, Alison 

I received a lovely card…

I received a lovely card from an acquaintance over the holiday, which was designed by The Jaab Design Company. I would love to see what other cards are available.  Do you know when your website will be available? Thank you, Elise

Beautiful Christmas Cards

We purchased your beautiful Christmas cards at the Bangkok Peninsula and everyone loved them! Kind regards, Cynthia E 

I received a beautiful card from a family member

I would like to order a selection of your cards. Your website is under construction so could you please let me know how I go about ordering cards. Many thanks, Laura G